Putnam County District Attorney Robert Tendy is helping police officers stay safe with the purchase of body armor vests. 

Tendy announced that he used District Attorney Asset Forfeiture funds and Safe Street Grant funds to purchase five body armor vest for the Town of Kent Police Department.

District Attorney Tendy said:

Over the past year, various law enforcement agencies have contacted my office and have put in requests for equipment to help in their assignments. Chief Alex DiVernieri contacted my office and said that he could really use these vests—they are so important and can save lives. I agreed right away. That’s what the money is for, to help the deputies, police officers, and troopers do their job safely and effectively. We are going to do a lot more of it. Anything we can do to help, we will do it.

Over the past year Tendy has used those same funds to provide simulator training pistols, body armor vests, and electronic devices for law enforcement agencies working in and for Putnam.

Chief Alex DiVernieri said:

The safety of our officers is paramount. I want to thank DA Tendy for purchasing these vests for our officers and providing them with the tools they need to stay safe.


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