So there are many people who absolutely adore pumpkin pie. I am not one of them. For many, there is no other way to imagine wrapping up their Thanksgiving feast than with a slice of this fragrant squash pie. Yes, I said squash. Pumpkin is a squash, a vegetable. Do you normally eat things that sound like they could have been rolled over by your car tires?

You can try to convince me that this is the one pie to eat at Thanksgiving or for any fall holiday, but I am going to bring up a few points as well. I will listen to your argument, you will then need to at least humor me and hear mine.

Check out the following types of pies and then weigh in as to whether or not you still think that Pumpkin Pie should no longer enjoy a honorable spot on your Thanksgiving table.

Best Pie For Thanksgiving Is?

Ok, I have hated on Pumpkin pies for a bit, let's give another pie some love. Here are the many different types of apple pie you will find in New York State. Which one is your favorite? 

5 Types of Apple Pie You Will Find in New York

There are many different types of apple pies, here are a few that you will find when eating some of the best pies in New York State.

Have you heard of, tasted or seen what a Pie-Cak-en is? Feast your eyes on this!

Imagine a Thanksgiving dessert that is every possible choice rolled up into one. According to Goldbelly, the original creator of this massive holiday treat is Zac Young "Top Ten Pastry Chef in America". I decided to set out to find a PieCaken created in the Hudson Valley. These are the bakeries I heard back from and what they said about the PieCaken

Could these be the happiest cities in New York State? Maybe we should see what their favorite pie is too!

Lots of people always like to ask why you live here in New York, and there are a million amazing reasons to give.

Ok, wait. This is mind blowing. Could a pierogi be a pie? They could be little savory, starchy pies! Drool! 

Popular Pierogi Company Opening a Hudson Valley Location

Delicious Krupa Bros Pierogi

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