The stars were not aligning for one New York state woman who has filed a lawsuit against a mother and daughter psychic.

She accuses the duo of ripping her off $160,000, claiming that they would help cast out an evil “Jezebel” that was living in her pelvic area. The suit filed in the Manhattan Supreme court alleges the two “took advantage” of the woman’s “heartbroken” and “depressed impressionable state".

The Alleged "Jezebel Spirit"

The New York Post says the woman began visiting the psychic business called Readings by Honeybee in October 2021, after a break-up with a boyfriend. The suit says the plaintiff was seeking a more positive life. The alleged runaround from the psychics started from the beginning, as the pair convinced the woman to stay the night at the shop for an additional cost.

The suit alleged the mother and daughter met with her again the following day and said she had been cursed with a “Jezebel Spirit”.

Over the next month, the fortune-tellers began a process to heal the woman of these temptations, while charging her more and more money. They allegedly even offered to bring her and her ex-boyfriend back together for another $120,000.

The Post says that the final straw came when the mom psychic wanted to melt $4,000 dollars worth of Disney gift cards in a special potion to help the victim reclaim her childhood. What is even sadder about this is that the victim was molested when she was young, which lead the duo to convince her that they needed to kill the “unholy sexual spirit” that was living in her.

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