We knew Poughkeepsie had good pizza, but it may have some of the best in the world.

Did you know that there is an International Pizza Expo?

It just took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I can't believe it doesn't happen in New York or Chicago, but it doesn't matter where it takes place. This past weekend, we learned that it could take place in Antarctica because the Hudson Valley will still show up and make us proud.

A local pizza place competed at the Expo and absolutely dominated.

I hate to break it to my fellow New Yorkers, but New York doesn't have the best pizza city in the nation. I know this seems blasphemous but it turns out that Detroit, Michigan is the best city to grab a slice. According to a new ranking from Anytime Estimate, Detroit has the highest amount od independent of pizza places per capita with 6 shops per 100,000 residents. Detroit also ranked #1 in "pizza passion" whatever that means. I love Detroit pizza but I can't definitively say that it is better than pizza in New York. It's an entirely different animal.

Detroiters know how to make pizza. If you won't take my word for it then you can see for yourself here locally. You can get some Detroit-style pizza here in the Hudson Valley. Hudson & Packard on Academy Street in Poughkeepsie makes it fresh and it's quickly gaining popularity among Poughkeepsie residents, but this past weekend they even got recognition from their pizza-making peers.

The International Pizza Challenge accepted 80 entries for their Traditional and Non-Traditional divisions. 30 pizza makers competed in the Pan division. Hudson & Packard took 2nd place!

Have you had this award-winning pizza yet?

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