If you are a long-time resident of the Hudson Valley chances are at one time or another you have spent time at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. It has been a focal point in Poughkeepsie for many years.

Thinking back on all the times I have been to the Poughkeepsie Grand I realized I had been there a lot more than I remembered. I actually can't believe how many times I have been to that hotel.

Poughkeepsie Grand Getting a Multi-Million Dollar Makeover

I believe the first time I was at the Poughkeepsie Grand it was for a wedding. Then there were numerous company holiday parties, and local events that were mostly related to business but some were personal. Not to mention the number of times I stay at the hotel so that I could be closer to work during a snowstorm.

I always enjoyed the events I attend at the hotel but let's face it there is always room for more and that brings us to the discussion taking place on Facebook right now on the Poughkeise Hotel Page. The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel posted today that they are looking for your ideas and opinions.

Poughkeepsie Grand Wants Your Ideas

According to the Facebook post, they are getting ready to do a multi-million dollar renovation and they want to be sure that they have asked the public for their input on things they could offer or do better. So if you have ideas make sure you share them with the Grand via their Facebook page.

From what I read when I was getting ready to post this article most folks are looking for the Grand to bring back their New Year's Eve party and the other popular topic is the Grand adding a roof-top bar. The answer about the bar was a bit cryptic but I am gonna say I think they have it in a plan moving forward and as for the New Year's Eve party revelers will have to wait until we ring in 2024.

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It also seems that the hotel will still be under a lot of renovation through early next year. On October 19th, 2022 The Grand shared the news that the new Double Tree Grand Hotel by Hilton would be coming in 2023. So what is it you want in your local hotel? They are awaiting your comments and ideas.

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