Since everything else has changed, why shouldn't a fun fundraiser also change up how they are doing things this year?

The Poughkeepsie Farm Project presents the Soup-a-Bowl. Is is a fundraiser that helps to raise money for programs that PFP helps with every year. Never heard of this? In the past, local artisans have made clay bowls which you purchase as your part of the ticket to the event. Local restaurants would then be there the day of the event with soups that you could fill your new bowl with. Everyone had a grand time.

The change this year is slight, you will still receive a hand crafted bowl made by a local artisan, and the soups will be selected in advance from a list when you purchase your tickets. Then on October 4, 2020 at a designated time, you will pick up your bowl and depending on the ticket that you purchase either receive soup from a local restaurant or vegetables from the farm to take home and make your own soup.

You can also purchase additional bowls and of course what would be a fundraiser without raffle tickets?

For more details about the Poughkeepsie Farm Project, how to join their Community Sustainable Agriculture/ Farm Share or to get your ticket for the Soup-A-Bowl, click here. 

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