The Orange County Health Department is advising residents of potential COVID-19 exposure at a deli in Orange County.

Residents who have worked or visited Jay's Deli, located at 534 Route 32 Highland Mills, between September 21 and September 28 may have been exposed to COVID-19.

According to the health commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman, if you think you were at Jay's Deli during that time, to watch for symptoms of COVID-19. The health commissioner also advised residents to consider any public site in Orange County as a potential site of COVID-19, due to the increased of newly positive cases throughout the county.

If you become mildly sick, stay home, and manage your symptoms. If you are severely sick contact your healthcare provider.

Previous reports state that the blame for the uptick in positive cases in Orange County is a result of the mass gathering at a synagogue in Kiryas Joel. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus says his office served papers to the Satmar Headquarters, ordering them to cease large gatherings and follow state guidelines.

The Orange County Health Commissioner urges people to adhere to proper safety measures such as wearing your mask, avoiding unnecessary contact with others, washing hands thoroughly, and avoiding touching your face.

Obviously, if you feel sick, please contact your health care provider. Make sure to contact the office before going directly to a doctor's office, or emergency room, or another healthcare facility.

If you follow these easy steps, it will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For more information regarding COVID-19 testing, you can visit the Orange County website, or call the Orange County Health Department COVID-19 hotline at (845) 291-2330.

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