There are so many pet owners here in the Hudson Valley, especially dog owners. So it’s nice to find out that one of our favorite summer pastimes at one of our favorite local ice cream stands now has treats for your pup, too. Their very own treat, so now they won’t stare at you sadly while you’re trying to enjoy your ice cream.

The Jolly Cow on Route 9W in Lake Katrine is officially open for the season, and they’ve introduced the Jolly Pup Cups. A frozen treat for your best friend complete with a couple of dog biscuits. How cool is that? Next time you pile the family in the car, make sure you include the dog. A member of the family, for sure.

You’ve never been to the Jolly Cow in Lake Katrine? You definitely have to get there this ice cream eating season. Just head north on Route 9W to Lake Katrine. You’ll know when you get there by the huge cow that stands in the parking lot. Don’t worry, it’s not a real cow. You can even take pictures on or with the cow. And you’ll probably see Jolly the Cow Mascot, too. It’s always a good time at the Jolly Cow in Lake Katrine.

Why is the Jolly Cow so popular? Delicious treats, for one. And everybody in the Ulster County area seems to have a Jolly Cow memory from their childhood. Plus, the Jolly Cow knows how to treat customers right. For example, when they closed for the season last November, the Jolly Cow offered free cones for everyone. And now they’re recognizing our dogs, too. Way to go!

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