I would have never imagined a diner from Manhattan, New York would relocate to upstate New York. However, since it's 2021, anything is quite possible now.

The diner's first home was located on West 49th Street and 11th Avenue in the Big Apple. It's fascinating that the diner opened in the mid 1940's which was able to serve all different kinds of visitors.

I think about how life was in the 40's and who had the opportunity to dine there. People such as Frank Sinatra.

It's no surprise that this diner was also featured in movies and shows over the years. However , when the diner was bought in 2004, it was going to be demolished and replaced with a new business.

Thankfully, the diner was saved and then relocated to the Catskills in Sullivan County. It was also added to the National Register of Historic Places. The diner is a Greek style with a cozy feel to it.

You can visit the New Munson Diner at 12 Lake St in Liberty, New York. Take a look at the menu and learn more here.

You can also see old photos of the diner here. I would love the opportunity to take an adventure to the Catskills, enjoy food from this historic eatery and learn all about the folks who visited it during the 40's.

Have you ever heard of this diner before? Will you stop by and experience this spot? If you have any pictures from your own experience here, let us know below.

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