Why would a popular pizzeria that seems to be loved by everybody close up? Well, there could be many reasons, but in this case it seems as though they did it for the good of the pizzeria and the people who run it. Sadly, Cinema Pizza on Route 94 in New Windsor has closed its doors for good, and people are not very happy. So why did they do it?

According to a post from Cinema Pizza that somebody put on Facebook, they had no other choice. Here is part of the statement that they wrote. “Due to the uncertain future of the plaza, and lack of communication and direction from property management, we simply have no other choice.” They went on to thank the communities around them for more than 7 years of patronage. What a shame. And their fans are not very happy, either. The good news is that they also mentioned in their statement that they hope to serve their customers again soon. That’s hopeful. I tried to call Cinema Pizza to confirm, but the number was disconnected.

I’ve never had a chance to eat at Cinema Pizza, but I sure am familiar with that plaza. It’s right at Squire Village within walking distance to the house I grew up in in New Windsor. I actually worked at a photo booth in that plaza in the late 1970s, and there was a different pizza place there at the time. I believe it was called ABC Pizza, and I got lunch from there everyday. Writing this article sure has brought back a lot of memories.

Wishing the owners of Cinema Pizza the very best, and we’re hoping that we’ll soon be writing an article telling you about their new location. That’s an article that will make their fans and customers very happy. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s soon.

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