If you know anything about New Paltz, you know that the Main Street Bistro, or 'the bistro' as most New Paltz'ers call it, is the place to be, especially for breakfast.  Just in case you were planning to drop in for a bite to eat this week, or passing by as you were walking through town, we just wanted to make sure that you knew that the Bistro is NOT CLOSING, just closed for a few days for renovations (painting, kitchen and floor repairs).

According to a facebook post on Sunday June 2nd, the Main Street Bistro, New Paltz, will be closed the following days:

  • Monday June 3rd
  • Tuesday June 4th
  • Wednesday June 5th
  • Thursday June 6th

They will be open for business on Friday June 7th at 8:00am.  The renovation closing will not impact catering orders.

Follow their facebook page for more information, i'm hoping they'll post some photos of the renovations.

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