About six months ago I read and also wrote about an already popular pierogi company called Krupa Bros Pierogi Company that was getting ready to open a shop here in the Hudson Valley. They were actually a Connecticut based company started by twins Tyler and Kyle Krupa in Oct. of 2020, but their pierogi was available at certain locations in the area, and there were restaurants serving the pierogi, too. And of course you could order online. People were raving about these delicious pierogi. Krupa Bros was getting pretty darn popular.

So, they decided it was time to open a shop in the Hudson Valley where they could make the pierogi and people could come in and get the pierogi right from them. Easy peasy. They decided on a shop in Kingston. Well, it was a crazy six months and a long time coming, but it’s finally happening. Krupa Bros just announced that they will be open to the public in their new shop at 23 West Strand in Kingston on May 1. This is exciting news for Hudson Valley pierogi lovers.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy Krupa Bros Pierogi where they are celebrating the opening of their new shop with a big pre opening sale. Krupa Bros Pierogi company has grown like crazy in the short time they’ve been open, even through a global pandemic. That doesn’t happen unless you have a great product, and now it’s going to be easy for everyone to get their hands on. Congratulations to Krupa Bros!

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