A Dutchess County woman who allegedly crashed into a car was driving while intoxicated with 3 children in her vehicle in Putnam County, police say.

On Tuesday evening, Town of Kent Police received a report of a vehicle that struck a 2009 Volkswagen at the intersection of Route 52 and Horsepound Road. The vehicle then allegedly left the scene heading north towards Dutchess County.

East Fishkill Police stopped the vehicle, a 2015 Buick, on Milltown Road and contacted Kent Police.

Responding officers identified the driver as 39-year-old Jennifer O’Brien, of Stromville. Police say O’Brien was driving with 3 children, ages 2, 6, and 11, in her car.

According to Kent Police, the responding officer detected an odor of alcohol coming from O’Brien’s breath. After a series of sobriety tests, she was arrested and charged with a felony DWI.

The felony charge is due to the ages of children in the vehicle, under Leandra’s Law.

O’Brien was arraigning in Kent Court and release on recognizance to reappear in Kent Court on June 21.

Police have not reported any injuries.

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