A Hudson Valley store has been shut down by police for alleged crimes.

On Thursday, the Yonkers Police Department announced they closed down "another unlawful" business.

Yonkers, New York Smoke Shop Shut Down By Police


"Another unlawful smoke shop closed down!," the Yonkers Police Department stated in a press release.

Officers from the Yonkers Police Department visited a store located at 403 McLean Avenue on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and found the business to be out of compliance while illegally selling drugs, police say.

"The City of Yonkers Smoke Shop task force visited the store located at 403 McLean Avenue on Tuesday and found the business to be out of compliance: no Certificate of Occupancy and no dispensary or hemp licenses; a large quantity of illicit controlled substances were confiscated including CBD gummies and vape products, smokable hemp, banned synthetic cannabinoids (Delta 8 ), and concentrated cannabis oil (THC 90%)," the Yonkers Police Department said.

Westchester County, New York Business Caught Selling Drugs, Police Say


Smokers World & VIP Exotics is located at 403 McLean Avenue in Yonkers, according to Google.

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Summonses were issued and the business was closed until they can come into compliance with their C of O and licenses, according to police.

"This isn't about targeting legitimate businesses and building owners. It is about keeping our community safe and making sure these controlled substances are being sold in accordance with the law," the police concluded in its press release.

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