A plan to bring green energy to New York City by running underwater wires right through the Hudson Valley has some residents nervous.

What could go wrong? NBC News is reporting on a proposed project that would consist of hundreds of miles of cables traveling right underneath the Hudson River. The plan is an effort to reach New York State's goal of becoming less dependant on fossil fuels.

Some officials say that in order to reach the state's ambitious goal of relying on 70% renewable energy by 2030 we're going to have to get creative. Currently, the power grid isn't able to carry enough clean energy into the five boroughs to make the necessary impact. Several bidders are submitting ideas on how to get that renewable energy down south into New York City.

One such plan is to send the power from just below Albany to Queens deep below the Hudson River. High-powered cables would be buried under the water and travel right through the Mid-Hudson region. Another plan would send power from hydroelectric plants in Canada into New York through these lines, replacing energy that's currently being generated by fossil fuels.

While this could be a game-changer for transitioning the state to clean energy, the thought of a massive project in our stretch of the Hudson River has raised some big concerns. Some worry the project could actually do more damage to our environment than good.

Many communities in the Hudson Valley drink water that's taken directly from the river. Environmentalists are concerned that that stirring up the bottom of the Hudson could release dangerous contaminants into the water supply. Riverkeeper says they also worry that magnetic fields generated by the cables could confuse fish, making it harder for them to navigate the river.

Bids from different agencies to bring clean energy to New York City include other plans that would run new power lines along the Thruway. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is currently reviewing the bids and could make their selection in the coming weeks before submitting them to regulators for approval.

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