A Hudson Valley resident got quite the shock when they woke up to find an unexpected visitor in their chicken coop.

I'm not even afraid of snakes but these photos make me cringe.

Nature in the Hudson Valley can be beautiful but it can also be downright terrifying sometimes as well. We've all heard of having a wolf in the hen house but what about having a snake in the the chicken coop.

Having a few snakes around can be helpful or it can be a nuisance. They can be great for keeping rodents under control but sometimes they can get bold and go where they are wanted. This happened at a local residents chicken coop and the snake was caught trying to snatch some easier prey.

The snake was removed safely and relocated and to our knowledge no chickens were hurt but their new guest. It was later identified as a black Rat Snake which are commonly found throughout the North America.

Have you encountered a snake like this in the Hudson Valley?

Photos Of Snake Attacking Eggs in Chicken Coop is Nightmare Fuel


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