Outdoor dining is an absolute must as soon as warm weather hits. Do you get excited to eat outdoors? I definitely do, especially when it comes to dinner with friends in a fun, outdoor space.

I love that you can enjoy the fresh air, relax outside, enjoy your meal in happiness and sometimes catch live music while dining outdoors.

At times, I will choose a restaurant or café that has outdoor dining based on their seating options vs the food. Sometimes the ambience and setting gives off a relaxing space to be in and it's hard to beat that.

With spring here and summer approaching, there's no other way to enjoy meals besides being outdoors to do so.

4 Hudson Valley Restaurants With the Best Outdoor Dining Experience

Throughout the Hudson Valley, there are plenty of hotspots to sit back, relax and sip on your favorite drink while enjoying a tasty meal for an outdoor dining experience.

Let's take a look at some fan favorites.

Would you visit any of these Hudson Valley hotspots for outdoor dining? Where is your favorite place? Share with us below.

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