A top official from the Hudson Valley says New York State and the Hudson Valley doesn't have enough COVID-19 test kits.

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"We get a lot of people asking 'why aren't we testing everybody,' the United States, New York and of course Orange County do not have enough test kits," Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said in his COVID-19 update on Tuesday.

Neuhaus added we will remain in this situation until testing supplies catch up with the demand.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said many times he believes COVID-19 testing is the key to getting people back to work and opening up businesses. He called large scale testing the single best tool to getting life back to normal.

"Test, trace and isolate," he said.

He believes the federal government must be heavily involved and ramp up testing before the economy can reopen. He added new testing includes diagnostic testing, antibody testing, saliva testing, finger prick testing and blood sampling.

"The single best tool to begin to safely reopen society is large-scaling testing," Cuomo said. "The unvarnished truth is that we can’t yet test to scale. And we can't get either diagnostic or antibody testing to scale without federal support."

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