If you ever find yourself searching for a payphone in the Hudson Valley, there is one place that you will always find one!

If you're anything like me and like to learn new things every day I think I've stumbled onto something that could be super helpful if you are ever looking for a payphone. If you don't know there are only about 100,000 payphones left in the U.S. Just twenty years ago there were almost 2 million of them today it's close to impossible to find one.

I understand that most of us will probably never need a payphone again in our lives because most of us have a cellphone but what happens if for some reason you lose your phone or maybe it's dead and you need to make an important phone call? Imagine this, you're having car trouble, maybe you ran out of gas, or the car won't move and you need to call someone for help? You forgot your phone at home now what do you do?


Look around for the nearest Stewart's Shop!! Thanks to Melissa who texted us through the Wolf country app we now know that every single Stewart's Shop location in the Hudson Valley is the one place where you will always find a pay phone.

We have well over ten Stweart's locations across the Hudson Valley from Saugerties to Kingston, Poughkeepsie to Hopewell Junction, every location has a payphone, so if you ever need one they can help you out. If you haven't placed a payphone call in a while, it still costs a quarter to place a local call....LOL!

Side note if you ever need to put air in the tire of your car or truck, Stewart's also offers FREE air at most of their locations.


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