Are you a lottery player (like myself)? I spend a few dollars a week and of course plan for all of the things I would do with the money should I win. For the record, I would set a little aside for charity before I pretty much blew it on trips and material things. 

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In order to plan for these fantasies, back here on planet Earth, you would have to be 'in it to win it' with your "Dollar and a Dream." So when the New York State Lottery does something like change the draw times, do you notice? Or are you like me, and you just keep buying your tickets them and scan them from your lottery phone app the next day to see if you have won or not?

Here are the games that the New York State Lottery has changed the draw times on. The old time and then the new time (from the lottery website). These new draw times started on November 2, 2020. Maybe you noticed? Maybe you didn't? Here's the new times:

Draw Game                  Day of the Week     Current Time     New Time

Midday NUMBERS      Daily                        12:20 p.m.         2:30 p.m.
Midday Win4               Daily                        12:20 p.m.         2:30 p.m.
Evening NUMBERS     Daily                         7:30 p.m.         10:30 p.m.
Evening Win4              Daily                         7:30 p.m.         10:30 p.m.
Take 5                           Daily                         11:21 p.m.         10:30 p.m.
LOTTO                          Wed. & Sat.             11:00 p.m.         8:15 p.m.

So what would you do with the money if you won a million dollars or more? Would you even claim the prize as yourself or try to hide that it was you who won?

I mentioned the lottery app above, but did you know that you can also play the New York State lottery by subscription so you don't have to head to a store to buy your tickets anymore?

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