The New York State Education Department has announced that the High School Regents exams scheduled for January of 2021 have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

This cancellation applies to all Regents exams that have been scheduled for January 2021. The announcement came from the Interim Commissioner of the Education Department, Betty A. Rosa. Rosa stated that she will request that the Regents Board adopt emergency regulations in regards to assessment requirements that students have to meet in order to graduate.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the exams were cancelled due to the fact that there is no certainty that the exams can be administered fairly and in a safe manner.

In terms of the Regents exams that are scheduled to take place in June and August of 2021, there has been no decision made as of yet, if those exams will take place. The Board of Regents will continue to monitor the pandemic, and the different modes of instruction before making that decision.

As stated, the department will make changes to the assessment requirements students need to graduate. The changes would apply to students who are scheduled to take the exam in January. Students who are planning to take one or more Regents exams during January 2021 at the end of a class or makeup program shall be exempted from the requirement.

Any questions regarding exemptions from the exam can be sent to

For more information regarding the cancellation of the exams, you can visit the New York State Education Department's COVID-19 Information Site.

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