We love pizza. We love to talk about it, and we certainly love to eat it. Who's got the best pie...New York? Chicago? Somewhere else? 

If you gathered a bunch of people in a room you're probably not going to get too many to agree on who's got the best pizza in town, let alone what should (or should NOT) go on their pie. It's like watching crazed sports fans argue about their favorite teams.

But no matter how much you love pizza, this pizzeria in Rochester may have crossed the line. A place called Rhino's Pizzeria and Deli may have started a real online s***storm when they posted a pic of of one of their pizzas covered in dill pickles.

According to their Instagram, their dill pickle pizza is made with pickles, garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese. They even suggest trying it with ranch for dipping. Yikes.

Is this something new you'd be willing to try? Or have these mad scientists created an abomination?

The pickle pizza trend has been going around for the past several months or so. Rhino Pizza's latest hop on to the pickle bandwagon even drew the attention of TIME magazine. Their social media pages have blown up, as their post about the pickle pizza has been shared tens of thousand so of times.

Disney has also tried the pickle craze...

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