You've seen the signs? No farms, no food. Now more than ever, farmers are hurting financially. For those that were able to grow crops this year, they had trouble selling them because less people had money to purchase their items. 

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Did you personally forgo an item or even shopping to stay home and not only avoid in-store shopping, but also to avoid contracting Covid?

Eligible farmers can apply, now through December 11 to receive part of a $13 billion Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 aid package. How do you find out if you are eligible to apply? There is a whole website dedicated to helping you fill out the paperwork and apply.

Here is the basics from the site:

  1. Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2?
    A: Any individual or legal entity who shares in the risk of producing a commodity may apply for CFAP 2. Producers must be in the business of farming at the time of submitting their application to be eligible. Commodities grown under a contract in which the grower has ownership and production risk are eligible for CFAP 2. Producers can apply for assistance for only commercially produced commodities.
  2. Q: Are urban farmers and farmers who run community supported agriculture (CSA) operations eligible?
    A: All farmers, including urban farmers and farmers who run CSAs, are eligible for CFAP 2 if they meet the eligibility requirements.

While, I personally might not understand exactly what that means, if you are a farmer, you should check to see if you are eligible to receive a portion of this money.

For more information and to apply, click here: Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2

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