We are so fortunate to live in the Hudson Valley with all our rich resources like our mountains. ridges, our rivers and trails. We truly live in a unique place which is in part made even more spectacular thanks to our Hudson Valley Farms.

It doesn't matter what county you are driving through Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan or Ulster you can turn down just about any road and it will lead you to a farm. There are apples orchard in bloom in the spring and fields of corn in July. There are pumpkins in the fall. During the winter you can see the fields laying flat ready for spring planting.

And here in the Hudson Valley it's not just fruit on the trees that make us farmers. In Orange County there is Black Dirt Country which is one of North America largest onion producers. We also have grains and hops that grow locally for our brewers. We have grapes on vines for wineries. Plus we have livestock like chickens and beef cows.

In the warmer months you can go to just about any town to find a farmers market. And our local farm markets, some of which are open year round always offer fresh local produce. I like to think that farming is thriving in the Hudson Valley. I also like to think that we are supporting our local farmers as often as we can.

Recently, I was driving around in New Paltz and I saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me that said "No Farms No Food" and I thought that is so true. Then, I thought I wonder where they got that, then traffic moved and life went on.

Fast forward to yesterday, as if the sticker was stalking me on social media I came across a Facebook post courtesy of the American Farmland Trust that was from last December. It was promoting the how and why you should have the sticker from farmland.org.

So thinking that this is a sign that I am suppose to share it with you. I have include the post below. I also want to say thank you to our Hudson Valley Farmers and say how great it is to live in an area with such great farm.


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