If you aren't completely gushing over the cutest kitten to grace the side of a beer can, well, you might be doing it wrong.

For those who haven't been following along with the tale (or tail) of Hudson Hops, Newburgh Brewing Company's adorable new brewery cat, allow me to catch you up.  The staff at Newburgh Brewing recently adopted the little guy from a Newburgh based rescue called Newburgh SCATS.  He's been with them for a few weeks now, and by the looks of things, appears to be settling in quite nicely.

Newburgh Brewing Company
Newburgh Brewing Company

Hudson Hops is every bit as friendly, daring, adventurous and awesome as Hoodie was… which means he fits right in with us at the brewery.

Hoodie, who was a familiar face around the brewery for quite a few years, was another cat rescued by Newburgh Brewing when a staff member found her trying to keep warm under the hood of his car. Hoodie sadly passed away back in 2020.

In true Newburgh Brewing Company fashion, in order to celebrate the newest addition to the team, they decided to whip up a new brew - Meet Hudson Hops is now available on tap, and canned, at the brewery.

Newburgh Brewing Company
Newburgh Brewing Company

Hazy and juicy, bursting with bright notes of raspberry, pineapple and grapefruit. A delicious 6% NEIPA that is as awesome as the cat it’s named for.

FUNdraising Fridays at Newburgh Brewery

Now, you can have a taste of the new Meet Hudson Hops brew by visiting Newburgh Brewing Company, or ordering cans for home delivery, or, you can take it to the next level by visiting during their upcoming FUNdraising Friday that will benefit the rescue they got Hudson Hops from, Newburgh SCATS.  This Friday, February 11th, will mark the first of many Fridays moving forward where Newburgh Brewing will feature a weekly charity initiative where 10% of their taproom sales from the day go towards a local charity.  Find out more about the new Meet Hudson Hops beer, and FUNdraising Fridays here.

Are all brewery cats as lucky or as famous as Hudson Hops?  We seriously doubt it.

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