New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks all New Yorkers should cover their face when you are outside or near people. It's expected the White House will recommend all Americans do the same.

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"We're advising New Yorkers to wear a face-covering when you go outside and near others. It can be a scarf, a bandana or one you make at home," de Blasio tweeted.

While this is a reversal of guidance, de Blasio asks people to not cover their faces with medical-grade masks, because those are desperately needed within the healthcare profession.

"But PLEASE: save medical masks for our health care workers & first responders who truly need them," he tweeted.

The new precautions were recommended by New York health experts based on evidence published on Wednesday. A new study by researchers in Singapore, shared by the CDC, claims about 10 percent of COVID-19 infections come from people who unknowingly spread the virus because they don't have any symptoms.

"Face coverings are an added precaution to protect others in case you have contracted COVID-19 but don’t have symptoms," de Blasio said. "It doesn’t replace social distancing. We want you to keep that 6-foot distance from others we’ve been talking about!"

It's expected the White House is also going to recommend Americans to cover their faces while out in public, according to the Washington Post.

On Thursday, President Trump said regulations concerning masks would be coming soon.

"A recommendation is coming out. I don’t think it will be mandatory. If people want to wear them, they can," Trump said.

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