It was quite the crazy Friday night, as one single person allegedly stole four separate vehicles in just under thirty minutes, according to officials. The NY Post is reporting that this particular joyride lead to multiple accidents, though, luckily, her crime spree only resulted in a few minor injuries.

The NY Post reporting that a drunken, 25 year-old homeless woman stole four vehicles down an eight mile stretch of Manhattan Friday night. It appears the suspect has a thing for Mercedes Benz, as three out of four the vehicles that she jacked were from the German manufacturer.

Police says the crime spree began around  7:15 p.m. Friday at 5th Avenue and East 74th Street, when she pushed her way into the passenger seat of her first vehicle, and then ended when she eventually crashed into a barrier near City Hall.

Police say the woman was charged with three counts of robbery, four counts of grand larceny auto, driving while intoxicated, and operating a vehicle while drug-impaired.

Police said the suspect appeared to be drunk, but would not take a breathalyzer.

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