The internet can be many things and if you are not up to par on something, the people on the 'net will let you know.

A simple post about a kid's meet and greet has turned one Walmart in New York into an internet sensation, which in this case is not a good thing.

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Have you seen this post yet? I saw it several times over the weekend and it looks innocent enough, but the problem is that when you are using knock-off characters from one of the most beloved children's shows in history you better do it right or you will hear about it.

Now I assume that the three characters in the photo are supposed to be Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. In no way do these costumes even look like them, ok well maybe Cookie monster.

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If you are promoting photos with beloved children's characters, you might want to make sure you have them there! These costumes look like they were bought online from the website.

So if you are a parent and headed to the meet and greet, you might want to tamper your kids' expectations on who they are going to meet.

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