A freak accident has claimed the life of a well known businessman in the Capitol Region. NBC reports that a food processor, that was being tested for making guacamole, exploded at a test laboratory Wednesday morning. The Times Union reports that the blast happened at a business known as Innovative Test Solutions in Schenectady, NY.

The victim has been identified as 67 year-old Joseph Kapp. Rennsselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin says Kapp was the former mayor of Rennsselaer, and was a trustee at Hudson Valley Community College as well. NBC says he was also a client of Innovative Test Solutions.

Schenectady Fire Department Assistant Chief Don Mareno told the Times Union that the guacamole machine was a “high-pressure vessel". Pressure cookers can be dangerous, as some have exploded and caused serious injuries over the years. Just Google "pressure cooker explodes", and you can read some of instances, and even find ads for injury based law firms that represent those hurt by the blasts.

Two others were reportedly sent to the hospital with less severe injuries. There still aren't a lot of details at this point. The blast is under investigation.

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