Credit: @NewYorkers
Credit: @NewYorkers

The pandemic created a lot of troubles for us both physically and mentally. The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt a number of people financially as well. Unfortunately, people are still struggling to pay the bills.

In the early stages of the pandemic, many landlords could not evict tenants who could not pay their rent on time, if at all. The measure helped some honest people but it also gave some tenants a license to abuse the new mandates. Remember the squatting vacationers who were renting out houses in the Hamptons for months and wouldn't leave?

Despite many people being back to work and New York State having surprisingly low unemployment numbers, there are still a lot of residents who can't afford to pay their bills. Even if they may be back in the office, the money they are earning is less due to high gas prices and the cost of items from inflation. According to a story in The New York Times, as of February of this year, there were still thousands of people in public housing who were behind on rent.

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One landlord must have gotten tired of asking for the rent money. According to a post on Instagram, a landlord somewhere here in New York hung a banner outside of the complex that stated who wasn't paying rent in the building. Here is the video that was posted online. It was shared on an Instagram page called, @NewYorkers. Is this even legal?

If it is legal do you think the landlord acted appropriately?

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