Do New York teachers make more money a year than teachers in any other state?

New York is home to hundreds if not thousands of schools and at the head of each classroom at every school is the backbone of education...teachers. In Hudson Valley schools we have some of the best educators anywhere and according to a new survey by Wallet Hub, New York teachers rank number one out of every other state.


How is New York the Teacher-Friendliest State?

To accurately figure out the folks at WalletHub took many things into account when they compared 50 states including two important categories Opportunity & Competition and Academic & Work Environment. They came up with 24 different metrics and gave them each a grade on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 meaning that they are the most favorable conditions for living and working as a teacher.

Opportunity & Competition

This category offered each state a chance to score a maximum of 70 points and took many things into account including the average starting salary for teachers, teachers’ income growth potential, pension, length of time before tenure kicks in, and many more. New York ranked 5th in these categories with only California, Utah, Washington, and Virginia scoring higher.

Academic & Work Environment

This category offered each state the chance to score a maximum of 30 points. It took many things into account including, the existence of a digital learning plan, quality of the school system, pupil-teacher ratio, the share of teachers who feel supported by their administrator, average commute, working mom-friendliness, and more. New York ranked 3rd in these categories behind only Maryland and Delaware.


New York Rank #1 for Teachers

To complete the study WalletHub then combined the two scores from the categories above and that landed New York atop the list with an overall score of 59.33. Utah, Virginia, Florida, Washington, and New Jersey rounded out the top six states for teachers. To get more information on the criteria that were used in the study check out WalletHub here.

The Top Paid Teachers in the Hudson Valley

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