Remember when you were in high school? Your alarm would be going off and you just couldn't get up that early? Would it have been great to sleep a bit later and start classes at 8:30 am? Or did getting up early for class get you ready for adulthood?

The New York State School Boards Association is looking at starting school later for high school students. The time to start that they think would be most productive for teenagers? 8:30 am.

The reasons, according to a press release, that the schools would not be interested in making this change;

  • High school sporting events are scheduled for mid-afternoon and pushing back school start times, would also force these after school activities to start later
  • Current bus pick-up and drop-off times, would make the change in high school start times challenging, because in many districts the change would require more buses and more drivers

The reasons to go ahead and make the change:

  • Students are not getting enough sleep
  • Lack of sleep in students leads to depression and obesity issues

What do you think? Should high school start at 8:30 am or should these kids start learning young what it means to suck it up and get going?

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