Updated information says New Yorkers are doing a good job when it comes to social distancing, compared to other states.

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Unacast uses data from cell phones to create a Social Distancing Scoreboard. Unacast figures out the scoreboard by tracking cellphones to see how much we are traveling now compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"While much is still unknown about COVID-19, it’s clear social distancing is widely agreed to be an effective way of slowing the spread, and a containment strategy advised by both the World Health Organization and the CDC," Unacast writes on its website.

Live Updates: Coronavirus in the Hudson Valley

Unacast gives each state a letter grade from A-F. The website constantly updates. On Monday, New York was given a C+ grade, but as of Wednesday morning, New York is now earning a B-

New York earned a B grade for 55 - 70% Reduction in Average Mobility; a A grade for Greater than 70% Reduction in Non-Essential Visits; and a D for 40 - 74% Decrease in Encounters Density Compared to National Baseline.

Live Updates: Coronavirus in the Hudson Valley

The goal of the Social Distancing Scoreboard is to help health officials, policymakers and other leaders make decisions.

Unacast gives the United States a C.

As of this writing, New York is one of the top 5 best states when it comes to the Social Distancing Scoreboard. Below is Unacast's top five:

Vermont: B+
Nevada: B
Maine: B-
Colorado: B-
New York: B-

Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina make out the bottom five, all with a D- grade.

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