The New York International Air Show is still being planned for this summer, but with some major changes.

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On Monday, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus confirmed officials are planning to host the 2020 New York International Air Show.

"We are trying to plan a successful air show," Neuhaus said during a COVID-19 briefing on Facebook. "We believe that we can do it safely."

The show is scheduled for the weekend of August 29. In years past the airshow has been held at Stewart Airport in Newburgh. There have been reports that the airshow's venue is being moved. Neuhaus hasn't confirmed a new location but added the New York International Air Show will be held in Orange County, but its ground location might be moved.

"We are planning on moving forward with the airshow," he said "The stuff you're reading in the news isn't 100 percent accurate. The locations and the times and some of that stuff may be different."

Neuhaus believes fewer people will be allowed to attend and it will most likely be in a drive-in theater-like setting.

"The numbers would be reduced from the past. We're trying to make sure we can put that together on a safe way for you to go to it and almost like a drive-in theater type thing. So you wouldn't be interacting with people," Neuhaus said.

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