Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he would like to sign an executive order that proclaims "Wearing a mask is officially cool."

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In April, Cuomo announced a new executive order, all New Yorkers must have their face covered when in public and social distancing can't be maintained.

Since his mandate, he's often talked about the importance of wearing a mask to slow the spread of coronavirus. He says studies have proven how effective wearing masks are from protecting New Yorkers from getting infected with COVID-19. He has cited antibody studies that showed the percentage of healthcare workers with the antibodies are mostly lower than the general population percentage. This surprised Cuomo because many medical professionals interact with COVID-19 patients every day.

On Tuesday, while confirming the Mid-Hudson Region has entered Phase 1 of the four-phase reopening, he urged all New Yorkers to wear a mask because its the right thing and the "cool" thing to do.

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“Wearing a mask is now cool. I believe it's cool,” he said. "That does not mean when someone doesn't wear a mask we should be rude to that person or be obnoxious to that person, but this has got to be part of every New Yorker’s fashion and design and clothing and outfitting."

Cuomo even joked he wished he could sign an executive order saying wearing a mask is "cool."

“You don't have to have a boring mask like my mask. I'm a boring guy. They have color masks, they have masks that say things. Some people coordinate their outfits with the color of their mask," Cuomo said.

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