An upstate New York couple is living through every parent's worst fear.

A couple living in Camillus, part of Onondaga County in Central New York, has had it with their son still living at home. According to 6ABC, the Rotondos have filed a suit against their soon to son to force him to move out of the house.

The parents allege that they have given him multiple written notices, letting him know that he has overstayed his welcome and that he needs to leave. The son, Michael Rotondo, claims he wasn't legally given enough notice. The parents allege he doesn't contribute to expenses or help around the house. According to Yahoo!, the son moved back into his parents' home 8 years ago after losing a job.

New York Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood ruled that the son must move out of the home. The son said he plans to appeal the ruling, while noting that he isn't sure where he would live now, according to Yahoo!


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