Everyone always talks about their summer reading list, but what about your reading list for those long winter days? Yes, I agree that basking in the sun on the beach with a good book can't be beaten. But a very close runner-up is being bundled up in a comfy blanket on the couch with a fire, a glass of wine, and of course a good book.

Just in time for your winter book club moments, Lawn Love has completed a project which ranked the 200 biggest cities in the United States to see which were the Best Cities for Book Lovers. Turns out the methods they used landed the 5 New York cities that were ranked all in the top 100 except for one.

To determine the rankings, they took into consideration things like how many bookstores were located in the city. They also look at the number of libraries, Little Free Libraries, book clubs, and book events.

So where did New York cities that were ranked fall on the list when the calculations were all said and done? New York City came in number 5, Rochester was close behind at 18, Syracuse topped out at 79, Yonkers was 94th, and bringing up the end of the New York list was Buffalo at number 108.

New York City did rank number one for Most Public Libraries. It also took the top slot for Most Book Clubs. Those rankings got me thinking where all of those New York City folks might be getting the books they enjoy reading. After all, we know they all spend their weekend in the Hudson Valley in towns like Rhinebeck, Kingston, Saugerties, Beacon, New Paltz and Montgomery.

These stores and their goodies may be the reason NYC did so well in the survey

Hudson Valley Bookstores with More

Book stores are more than just books. Some offer coffee, some offer beer and others have thrift shop items on the shelves. Here are some great places to find books and more in the Hudson Valley

Castle in the Catskills

It took twenty years to build and was worth every minute. A bluestone castle nestled into the Catskills just outside of Kingston could be yours. Yes, you need a bit of money but I know if you had the 12,000,000 you would want to live here. A girl can dream, can't she?

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