State officials received 25,000 complaints about reopening violations.

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On Sunday, the governor reminded bars and restaurants that any violations of reopening rules and guidelines can result in the loss of that establishment's liquor license. Additionally, individuals can be fined for open containers and social distancing violations.

"We've been getting reports from all across the state of large gatherings, social distancing violations and people are not wearing masks - and we want to remind all individuals and businesses, especially bars and restaurants, that failure to follow the state's reopening rules and guidelines will result in serious consequences," Cuomo said on Sunday during his COVID-19 briefing.

The governor also reminded local governments to enforce all reopening rules and guidelines and that any failure to enforce these rules can result in the closure of businesses

"New York State has been continuing to follow the data and the numbers on the COVID-19 virus and we are making really great progress with the lowest number of deaths and hospitalizations since this pandemic first began," Governor Cuomo said. "This is all good news, but our behavior is what's keeping these numbers down and the numbers can change in a week if we don't remain disciplined and follow the guidelines and protocols in place.

Cuomo added state officials have received 25,000 complaints about reopening violations.

"Bars or restaurants that violate the law can lose their liquor license," Cuomo tweeted on Sunday. "People with open containers in the street can be fined. Police & protesters not wearing masks can be fined. Local gov't must enforce the law."

Most of the complaints and violations were from Manhattan and Hamptons, according to Cuomo.

"Lots of violations of social distancing, parties in the street, restaurants and bars ignoring laws," he said. "Enforce the law or there will be state action."

Reopening efforts could be "reversed" if people don't follow the rules, Cuomo warned.

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