Ground has officially broken on a new development that is expected to help revitalize the downtown area of the City of Poughkeepsie. The development will be of 33 and 35 Academy Street in Poughkeepsie and is expected to cost $13 million.

The project is called The Academy Market and Food Hall and is expected to open in the Summer of 2021. In addition to being considered a "Community Hub" it is also going to be a place where people can purchase food from vendors, sit and have a cup of coffee, or even visit one of the businesses that will be a part of the project.

The goal initially was to use space that had been without focus for years, in a spot that had at one time been a dance club (Let's Dance, anyone?) and a multitude of other businesses into a community space. The press release also mentioned that there will be spots for "co-working" space along with 28 affordable apartments.

Here is how one of the partners in the project, Christian Palikuca, describes their vision for the project:

”conceived, developed, designed, and built by locals with a love for their hometown and a passion for revitalizing Poughkeepsie, The Academy Market and Food Hall will activate two adjacent industrial buildings with all-day service and regular programming. Ample seating indoors and out will ensure that everyone in the community has a place at our table.”

To follow the status of the project, you can check out their website at Baxter Building Corporation will be a part of the project. They are the builders behind Mill Street Brewing, Get Fit Social, Heritage Food & Drink, and other Hudson Valley projects.


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