A popular vegan restaurant in New Paltz will be taking a break over the next few weeks. It is not unheard of for Hudson Valley restaurants to pick a few weeks during the year to close.

Closing for a break can give a restaurant time to do work inside their space. It can also be a great time to reenergize. One of the most popular vegan restaurants in New Paltz, Karma Road Organic Cafe, will be taking a break over the few weeks. It will give their staff a break over the holiday season and give them a chance to set up for 2022.

According to a post they shared on Facebook, today (12-20-2021) was going to be their last day open in 2021. They are scheduled to open back up on January 14th, 2022. The post on social media also says that when they re-open, they with have new hours and an improved menu.

"Within the walls of 11 Main St. in the heart of the Village of New Paltz, Karma Road is a springboard of self-improvement & a haven for provisions that nourish the soul as well as the body."

Once we get towards the end of this week, there are quite a few local restaurants I expect to take a bit of a break. Like all of us, they have been through a lot. After all, they are one of the groups that got hit the hardest through this pandemic. If you are planning to visit one of your favorite eateries in the weeks right after Christmas, I would check to see if they are taking a break or even just adjusting their hours.

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