This year has been hard on families trying to make ends meet and it has also been hard on area food pantries to keep up with the additional demand from their communities. The COVID 19 outbreak left children without easy access to some food programs and it also led to many people being unemployed.  Family budgets are tight, especially as we go into the winter. Now is a perfect time to start thinking about how you can help your community food pantries.

On of my favorite restaurants in New Paltz has stepped up to help out Family of New Paltz. Garvan's currently has a box in their entrance at the restaurant where they are collecting funds to help Family of New Paltz help more people in the area. Garvan's isn't only a donation sight they have also announced that they will be matching your donation.

Garvin's is one of the many local Hudson Valley restaurants that has been able to serve the public throughout the pandemic. Earlier this year they were able to re-open with outdoor space and now also have some limited indoor space. They also still offer curbside and delivery.

Garvin, along with his family and staff could set the precedent for kindness and hospitality. It is no surprise to me that they are giving back at a time when they could be looking at their business having to do less due to the colder temperatures arriving and the COVID restricts on indoor dining.

Today on Garvan's Facebook page they shared that they have collect to date $343 in donations so they have matched it to raise the total to $686.

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