For the last few months we have heard a great deal about businesses that need to close, because there has not been enough traffic in their store or because they have had to be cautious for their safety and that of their employees.


So, when I came across this new construction, it gave me a little bit of hope. There is a new Ready Coffee opening up on Route 32/ North Plank Road in Newburgh. Recently we shared with you 35 eateries that have closed since the pandemic began (see below) and that 8 Dunkin Donuts locations had also closed over the last couple of months.

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I am hopeful also because Ready Coffee is not a franchise. According to their website they are a locally owned and operated business and they even roast all of their coffee beans here in the Hudson Valley.


When you go to get a coffee at a quick-stop convenient place, and it can be Dunkin, Quick-Chek, Starbucks, Speedy, etc, is it selection, convenience or price that has you going to that particular spot? Do you find yourself always patronizing one particular brand?

When was the last time you went to a place like Ready Coffee? Crafted Kup in Poughkeepsie, Monkey Joe's in Kingston, Uptown Coffee in Kingston or Two Alices in Newburgh?

Is where the place gets their coffee beans and where the beans are roasted as important as the coffee? Do you need to go to a place that also has food to go with your coffee?

When you order a hot caffeinated beverage are you getting a coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, or some other type of beverage?

Congrats to the owners of this new location! Keep the coffee coming!

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