The Hudson Valley is known for it's beauty and being a perfect escape for those trying to get out of the city. It's also known to be a popular destination for...aliens.

For years we've heard stories about Orange County and how Pine Bush is a hot bed for extraterrestrial activity. There have been stories out of Cornwall and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers having a UFO encounter and then there are the numerous sightings from Ulster and Dutchess County that we've heard about in the last few years.

Hudson Valley author, and research scientist, Linda Zimmermann was featured on the extremely popular podcast series Unsolved Mysteries. On the April 14th episode "Something in The Sky" Zimmermann opened up about her UFO experience in the 1980's.

During that time period, Zimmermann explain on the podcast, UFO's were all over the news in the Hudson Valley. Newspapers ran UFO stories and it they were talked about so often that Zimmermann believed UFO sightings to be "normal."

However, there was an experience that changed Zimmermann's live forever. During a study session in Nanuet, friends called and told her to look outside as something was flying over. Zimmermann observed "3 separate yellow balls of light."

Zimmermann jumped in the car and followed the lights to an area of a state park, where she explains the 3 objects came together to form a

Brilliant, blue-green flash of light and became one solid object which then lowered to a top of a hill and started pulsating with that light.

Chill inducing right? The story only gets crazier from there. You can listen to the whole Unsolved Mysteries podcast wherever you listen to your podcast.

If you'd like to learn more about Linda Zimmermann and read more about her research you can check out her website.


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