The majority of Americans polled are "embarrassed" by the United States' response to COVID-19.

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In a new CNN poll, 70 percent of Americans say the response to the coronavirus pandemic "makes them feel embarrassed."

The CNN poll found that 62 percent believe President Donald Trump could do more to fight the outbreak while 58 percent disapprove of Trump's handling of the outbreak, which CNN says marks a new high.

About 80 percent of those polled say they are "somewhat angry" about how things are going in the country while 51 percent say they are "very angry."

"CNN has asked this question in polling periodically since 2008, and the previous high for the share who said they were "very angry" was 35%, reached in 2008 and 2016," CNN Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta said.

Over 1,100 adults including over 300 living in battleground states were polled by telephone. 31 percent were Democrats, 27 percent Republicans and 42 percent say they are independents or members of another party.

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