Things that go bump in the night aren't as scary if you know what they are and that they can't hurt you. Now I realize that an unexplained noise in your attic can be unsettling but chances are it is something harmless like the Christmas decorations you stuck up their last month just shifting a bit. No worries.

Noises in the house are one thing but noises outside are another. Here in the Hudson Valley on any given night you can hear all kinds of interesting and all be it, scary noises coming from behind your house or just off the edge of the woods. Sometimes it's the howl of a coyote or two. We have had that often lately being that it is coyote breeding season. The other noise that can leave you looking over your should is an owl.

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Now before I totally freak you out, let me get to the reason why I am helping you re-live the scary sounds from your driveway. It is because very often our local preserves and ecology centers offer opportunities to discover more about the animals that give us goose bumps in the dark.

One such event is happening next weekend (Saturday February 27, 2021) with the Mohonk Preserve just outside of New Paltz in the town of Gardiner. They are hosting one of their Owl Prowl After Dark events from 4PM to 5:30PM. It is an in person event so if you are looking to get some early evening winter air and meet up with a few owls you are going to want to sign up for this event. Don't wait because these session fill up fast.

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