Yes, you can now buy your meat from a vending machine.

In today's world we are all about convenience, and getting things as quick as possible. It's one of the reasons I think the food delivery business is booming the way it is, but is raw meat from a vending machine too much?

Not too much for the Applestone Meat Company, which just added their third, 24/7 meat vending machine, this one's in Scarsdale in Eastchester at 735 White Plains Rd, according to Patch.

This new location joins two other locations, Main Street, in Stone Ridge in Ulster County, and the other on Green Street, in Hudson in Columbia County. All three locations now offer raw meat 24/7, seven days a week.

The top of the line vending machines are stocked with fresh raw meat daily, meats like beef, steaks, lamb, and chops. The raw meats stay in machines up to week and if they don't sell, they're removed and replaced with fresh meats. The vending machines also offer poultry, sausages and hot dogs.

Why meat vending machines? According to the company, they wanted to give people in the area the convenience of a 24/7 self service butcher shop where folks could just run in anytime get what they want, and get home.

When I first came across meat being sold this way, I reacted the way most of us would before looking into it. I was like that sounds like the most unsafe way to buy meat, especially raw meat, but in looking into the company behind the meat vending machines, I think this might be something worth trying out.

If you plan on trying out the vending machines, they accept major credit cards, ApplePay and AndroidPay. They even did a "How To Use Their Machines" video.

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