Are you looking for a winter project? Are you in the market for a new truck? Do you love American made car history? Have you always want to own a Ford? You are in luck, because I just stumbled over a way you can check all of that off the bucket list with one cool old truck.

Flannery's Estate Auction Services has discovered a 1929 Model A Ford Pickup truck and they are offering it up for auction on Monday September 28th. I have always want to own a truck but I will have to admit that I may need something a little more put together. However, if you are an old truck enthusiast this could be right up your alley and I am not just talking about using it for parts.

Picture it fully restored with you driving it down a Hudson Valley highway. Or maybe rolling down one of our many picturesque back roads. Windows down and no radio on because it never had one. It doesn't even have cup holders but who cares.


1929 Model A Ford Pickup

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