Ticks are a major problem in the Hudson Valley region, and now they could affect your diet.

NPR reported that red meat allergies caused by tick bites are increasing. Specifically, the Lone Star tick is what is causing the red meat allergy.

According to the article, a woman was bitten by a lone star tick and soon after eating suffered stomach pains, hives, itching, and lightheadedness. She tested positive for alpha-gal meat allergy, which is a sugar animals produce in their bodies. After testing positive, she was told to stay away from all red meat, including beef, lamb, and pork. Yes, pork is red meat.

No more bacon, burgers, steak, hot dogs, sausage, and so much more. Just think about that, a tick bite now made you allergic to some of the best foods. The article even says that some patients become allergic to dairy as well. No bacon or ice cream?!

The Lone Star tick can be found in the Hudson Valley, and the surrounding tri-state area. According to the CDC, the Lone Star Tick is found in the east and south-eastern parts of the country.

These are the best tips to protect yourself against ticks in the Hudson Valley.


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