I fell in love with ImmuneSchein years ago when I tried their elixirs at a local event. Shortly after, I visited their store to purchase more. I was super excited to hear about their expansion when they opened up a tea house in Saugerties! I love all different types of teas and to be able to visit a super cool place and try teas all day sounds like an ideal day to me.
Upon visiting the ImmuneSchein Tea Haus on a beautiful summer day, we were warmly greeted. I was amazed by their cute gift shop and the selection of loose teas. The ImmuneSchein Tea Haus has over 75 delicious teas along with their healing elixirs. Their teas ranged from all different types such as Oolong, Green, Botanical, White, Chai and so many more. Once I made my tea choice, there was also the option to purchase delicious little goodies that are locally made to make this experience complete. I added a lavender shot and ginger elixir to my tea and it was delicious!

Their elixirs can be added to water, teas of a beverage of your choice. ImmuneSchein’s elixir flavors are Classic Ginger, Turmeric Ginger, Elderberry Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon Ginger, Lavender Ginger (my favorite), Hibiscus Ginger, Cardamom Ginger, Black Currant Ginger, Lime Basil Ginger, Lime Mint Ginger, Citra Hops Ginger and Garlic Ginger. They also have a 2020 Limited Edition flavor for the holidays ginger elixir. They also have a Vegan Turmeric Ginger and a Vegan Elderberry Ginger elixir as well.

ImmuneSchein has closed their indoor seating as of now but still have their outdoor seating available. If you would like to be seated outside, they recommend bringing a blanket or wearing layers. You can shop in store or place your order to go with their curbside pickup.

I’m ready to head back and get their Organic Raspberry Green Tea, Lemon Elixir and enjoy the fresh air in Saugerties!

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