Unknown operational issues are causing a surprise water shortage for many Hudson Valley residents.

On Monday, supervisor Frank DenDanto III alerted residents in the Town of Wallkill's consolidated water district of an issue that requires immediate conservation.  The use of water for car washing and watering of lawns is now banned. In addition, residents are being asked to refrain from using water for the following activities.

  • No filling or topping off of pools.
  • No refilling of fountains or decorative ponds.
  • No water use for irrigation, lawn watering, or other outdoor use unless via a handheld watering can.
  • No vehicle washing, no driveway washing.

The Town of Walkill is also asking residents to limit their water use inside their homes. According to a press release, there is no issue with the quality of the water. Instead, a supply problem is causing a shortage in the water district.

No further details were given as to why the water emergency was announced, but residents are being told to check the town's website for more information and updates as they become available.

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